About William Panzer

William Panzer Attorney

William Panzer has been practicing criminal defense law, specifically cannabis defense law, for over 25 years in the Oakland area.

William has committed his life’s work to legalizing marijuana for adults. William even co-authored Proposition 215 in California. The time he dedicated to coauthoring Proposition 215 summarizes his dedication to reforming marijuana laws in the United States. Proposition 215, also known as The Compassionate Use Act of 1996, enables patients to plant and use marijuana if granted permission by their doctor.


William Panzer is a musician and attorney in Oakland, California.

William Panzer has defended citizens like Joe Froome. Froome faced drug and tax related charges beginning in 2009. William defends the individual rights of citizens like Froome who was arrested for growing and selling marijuana. William successfully orchestrated a plea deal that led to Froome being sentenced to community service rather than serving prison time. Williamwill continue advocating the legalization of marijuana until America adjusts its state and federal laws.

William Panzer: NORML Member

The California based organization, NORML, promotes the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana for adults. Ideally, NORML’s mission includes encouraging the legal production and consumption of marijuana by individuals across the country. NORML believes that marijuana should be easily available and affordable for all Americans.

In the 1970s, NORML was created as a nonprofit public-interest advocacy group with the goal of advocating the responsible and legal use of marijuana. Since being founded, NORML has helped minimize the penalty for minor marijuana offenses in a number of states during the 1970s and currently acts as the public’s main source for information on reforming the country’s marijuana laws. As a NORML board member, William Panzer speaks at many of NORML events and rallies.

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